Saturday, October 11, 2003

Casey has done it again... nice fumble! Fabulous interceptions! WAHOO! ugh... can't stand him! Couldn't even watch the last quarter of the game...

Found several L&O episodes on, that has cheered me up slightly...

Stupid Casey Clausen!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Last night was fun... Missy and I went to the DIY Relaunch party... lots of people I have never seen in my life were there... they had fajitas, cheesecake, and a bar... quite a combination! :)

Afterwards I went to Scott's... he and I had a great talk... and Moxon chewed on my face and hands a little bit...

I picked Gma up today... back from her trip to VA. She seemed to have a great time.

I am at work but I think I will leave soon... kind of have a headache and I need to go to the bank... Tonight Missy and I are going to the Clinton v. Central game... tomorrow I judge the Central HS Band contest... woohoo-- MONEY! :)

More later, yo!

Days without wearing amoxicillin: 3

Thursday, October 09, 2003



Does anyone out there think I will ever say or do the right thing? ever?!!!

Check out my buddy Randy's new blog: Thoughts from the Ranman

Let me just say, attempting to pay all one's bills when one is out of checks is quite an adventure. WOOHOO!

Days without wearing amoxicillin: 2
everything's gonna be all right
rockabye, rockabye

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Some pictures from Steph's bachlorette party...

So last night I fell asleep on the couch around 11:30pm.... I woke up periodically, but never mustered enough energy to move myself to the bed... The lights were all on, thus I did not sleep well-- I like it pitch black! The couch I have is not really what I would call comfortable for sleeping... so today my back and neck hurt... Finally @ 8am, Cleo played the ever popular game of "Does my nose fit in your nose"-- which made me sit bolt upright and finally move to the bed. I failed to set an alarm. Thus I woke up @ 11:30 when Scott called for the 4th time. Oy.

Khaki began her medicine today. As it is bright pink, everyone would know in a second if I had not succeeded in getting it down her throat. Today was a good day.

Now I am @ work, enjoying some Baked Lays with Chick-fil-a Polynesian sauce (Thanks Steph!) and a Coke for lunch. MMMmmmmmm, healthy I know. Never fear, Cozymel's tonight. I forsee some flautas.

Nan also loaned me A MIGHTY WIND which I plan to watch this evening. I love Christopher Guest! And while nothing is as genius as WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, I have no doubt that I will be entertained by this movie.

Remind me to call Thom & Jess to see which low-life celebrity they voted for yesterday. Personally I am sad that Gary Coleman didn't win. Whatchoo Talkin' 'bout California?!

ok, time to make the donuts...

Days without wearing amoxicillin: 1

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I am worried today... Khaki has been throwing up a LOT lately... I woke up this AM to the sound of Yakki-Khaki again... so it is vet time... please keep poor Khaki-Pants in your thoughts... and me too for that matter...

Watched FROM HELL last night... I wasn't too impressed... it was slower than hell actually... Johnny looked good though :) And is there any worse actress than Heather Graham? I don't think so.

Khaki has a bladder infection... and congestion. She got a shot and has to take amoxicillin for the next 2 weeks... YAY! This should help her stop yakking and peeing everywhere... FABULOUS! She was great @ the vet-- which is saying something for Khaki. She has a reputation there... I walk in and they are like OH NO... KHAKI! :)

now I am gonna get some food and head to work... more later perhaps...
First of all, Khaki says THANK YOU to everyone who has wished her well today... What a special cat to have so many friends! (I didn't say SPECIAL ED-- that's Cleo...)

I am home now... and in an attempt to inspire myself to clean, I bought the HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX on cd... I always listen to the HP books on tape while I clean... well, I have listened to the first 4 about 20 times each... So now I have book 5... I am loving it so far-- I read it when it came out, which was awhile ago now... plus I read it fast (2 days)... so it is nice to listen and remember what all happens... Anyway....

I am off to work on some stuff in the kitchen... after that I hope to vacuum the living room-- I got vacuum cleaner bags today as well! Then I might organize the spare bedroom a bit... we'll see...

Tomorrow is a shower for Steph @ work and the COZYMEL'S! YAY!!

Monday, October 06, 2003

Steph's bachlorette party was MUCH fun... after we all survived the frizzy-haired bitch waitress... :) Steph seemed to like her naughty kitchen items... and I think we had enough alcohol in our room to drown all of Gatlinburg... :)

Last night I watched a great football game with Scott-- his Browns trounced their archrival the Steelers... YAY! And how about that Tim Couch!

I am officially on Fall Break... which is super nice. I hope to get a lot accomplished this week... I am off to make a schedule and list for myself... more later perhaps...

Today's quote:"And everytime I try to talk to you
I get tounge tied turns out
Everything I say to you
Comes out wrong and never comes out right"

Saturday, October 04, 2003

I must begin today's ramblings with once again telling you how wonderful Scott is. ... last night he went to the MHS v. PHS game with me... not such a big deal you think... well, #1 he felt awful... #2 it was cold... #3 I was all over the place, constantly talking to people and running around... He was quite the trooper. And if I had a nickel for everytime someone said "He's hot!" or "Man is he cute!" So let me conclude by saying: SCOTT MEDWETZ IS THE BEST!!!!!!!

MHS did great! I was so proud! They performed like they never have-- probably b/c of where they were. They always get inspired @ the PHS game. PHS guard was not has horrid as they let on to me they were going to be. The end was a disaster, but they have just learned it, so there you have it. Both groups were supportive and complimentary of each other... watching them interact warms my heart.

When we got there, 2 of the PHS guard girls had posters... one said YO and the other said SAUNDRA. They had carried these as they marched around the track... it was so sweet! Oh man I miss those kids!

After the game Scott and I were joined @ Waffle House by Christy Banks... always fun to hang with the Cheese... Everyone send good thoughts her way-- she is uber-stressed right now...

So today I took my comprehensive exam... I wrote 15 pages and answered 3 questions. Hopefully I answered them well enough that I do not have to retake it or correct anything... I will find out in a week. I will also find out my latest PRAXIS results around that time... woohoo!

And with this, I am off to take a nap. Tonight is Steph's bachlorette party, so I need my rest... details on that later!

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