Thursday, July 31, 2003

OH MY GOSH! I am tired! Also as I am not really a "morning person," getting up @ 5am BLOWS! So here I sit @ work... been here since 7:15am... it is nice and quiet... and dark...just perfect for a nap.... ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz...

More later when I am awake......

SO SLEEPY, I say... I have been @ work for 10hrs... Trying to help Steph with some stuff for the scrapbooking marathon.... I have looked through a million scrapbooking magazines... which only makes me realize how far behind I am with my scrapbooks... alas.


Khaki is helping me with this entry...so disregard any spelling errors :)

Well... Got Scott M. to the airport so he can head home to OHIO ("What IS that??") for his sister's wedding this weekend. And to perform his song, which let me just say, is AMAZING! It's really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really good! Good Luck to him on his performance!

After that I ran by MHS for band rehearsal... it is nice and MUGGY here... with off and on rain... ugh... Not to mention I am so tired I can't stand it... Went to Grandma's to check on her and Alexander. Big A decided he'd spend the night with G-ma (so I can sleep in tomorrow!) He and I are going to see Johnny English tomorrow... he is VERY excited!

ok kids... this chick is EXHAUSTED.... I must sleep now... Say "GOODNIGHT," moon!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

OK... yes it is true... Christy Banks speaks the truth... the mighty single wonder was indeed asked out today... I know, some of you may feel this is a sign of the apocolypse... :) I will not say much for now... except that I am pretty darn happy about the situation... I'm sure it will be fun... and besides... he's not bad to look at either!

on a totally separate note... I have to get up @ 5am to take Aunt V & William to the airport... UGH... I also have to go help @ Central again... woo-hoo! After that it is the new Scott's turn to be taken to the airport... and then on the MHS rehearsal... busy day!

Scott M. sent Missy and I some Ritchie Sambora songs today... Oh man... they are FABULOUS! One is him singing "Never Say Goodbye"-- one of my personal Bon Jovi tunes... and it is incredible! There just aren't words to describe it...

Dawn just reminded me that I should be getting my PRAXIS scores back anyday... ACK! I hope I passed that puppy! I would hate to have to take it again... WOOF!

CB & Kim-- Jana is going to send me some pics of you that she has... never fear! Soon enough you will be represented on the picture pages! I added a Bijoux page... and some pictures... I will get some of Kim and CB soon!

I also rearranged some with these pictures...

Alright...I am going to go and try to recover from my very exciting day... :-D

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Another great day! :)

Today I helped out @ Central HS' guard sectionals... not bad. They are getting better-- they have a very young group. I think Chrissy is doing a good job with them... It was also fun to see Joshie again! I also went by PHS to see the old gang... It was great to see the kids... I got several hugs and high fives... I think Brittany is doing a spectacular job out there!

Tonight I think I will work on making the picture pages better... So give me some time and then check it out! OK, I added some OLD SCHOOL pics... mostly from 97 & 98... check them out!

Remember (cough, LARRY, cough) there is a new comments section... so feel free to leave questions, comments, snide remarks, etc... :)
I have had a great day!

Work was fun... I showed off new Henry pictures... scared Nan a few times... chatted with the new Scott-- even got to hear a song he wrote & sang-- which is FABULOUS! Stacy got us Sawyer's for lunch... extra crack sauce and all...

It was also Uno's night... I had about 15 people there from work and other places... it was SO much fun! Several of my guard kids were there too. We had a blast! I'd say we did pretty good fundraiser-wise too... Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the guard! They are an AWESOME group!

Aunt V and the boys came in tonight... so I went to Gma's after Uno's. I will be keeping Alexander some next week. He is 5 and cracks me up! I was not half a step in the door tonight and he says "SAUNDRA! There's fudge!!" -- he loves grandma's chocolate fudge... He also informed me he wants to see Johnny English and Spy Kids 3 next week...

Aug 9 I plan to head to L.A. to finally meet Henry. I am beyond excited! Talked to Thom and Jess tonight... Thom says Henry is much more alert now and lots of fun. Also said that his niece Catie might be out there while I am... Catie has leukemia and lymphoma and I have done several fundraisers etc for her. I have never met Catie and feel it would be the 2nd biggest highlight of my year (2nd to meeting Henry) to meet her... So hopefully that will work out.

OK kids... it is late, I am tired. Goodnight Moon!

Sunday, July 27, 2003

What an adventure I just had! Where to begin... well, my car has 72,000 miles... never had new brakes, so I am thinking it needs some. My dad told me he would take it for me blah blah blah... so I go over to his house to leave it... I am borrowing my 16 yr old brother's Jeep... William is not wild about this to begin with-- says knowing his luck I will break it etc... So anyway... I am on my way home... I get to Rockford where there is a 4way stop... I stop-- and so does the engine. Then smoke pours out of it.... Next delimma-- William's blinkers don't work-- no hazzard lights....

SO, here I am motioning cars around me, trying to call my dad, etc. Of course, William answers... he jokingly says, "Have you broken my car yet?" I reply, "well, maybe." He then begins yelling explitives that I will not type for you... So in the meantime, across from the stop sign where I am is the man that is there everyday selling fruit and boiled peanuts. There are several people there... so 2 good ol' boys come over and offer to push me out of the road. They then pop the hood to look. One guy thought I was out of oil. I explained it was my brother's car, but that he worked at Jiffy Lube so surely to God the oil was fine. He is 16 and he does drive the car hard, however. After deciding the oil was fine they then thought I had blown the head gasket-- I have no idea what that is, but I do know it is bad if it blows. Then they decide that the car is out of coolant and my best bet is to let it cool down and then go get some water at a nearby gas station.

I know these guys had to think I was some ditzy little blonde... But they were very nice to help. Meanwhile, Dad and William are on their way. They finally get there, and turns out William is AWARE that his car is out of coolant-- just forgot to mention it to me... Said he was waiting till he went to work Monday where he could get free coolant... ARGH! So, I now have MY car back... Dad said he thinks the brakes are fine, but I am going to get them checked this week anyway... Car trouble just always makes me feel stupid and helpless b/c I know so little about cars etc.

**UPDATE** Dad just called... said they made it about 1/2 a mile and the engine blew. Sucks for William, who I am sure is mad at me... but geez! He works @ Jiffy Lube-- seems he would understand the importance of keeping coolant in the car. And he admits he knew it was overheating. (sigh)

To top everything off, I got eaten up by bugs while waiting on them.

On the upside, I did get my laundry done! I plan to change my sheets tonight-- with Khaki's help I'm sure... Nothing like nice clean, cat hair-free sheets to relax a person after a traumatic day!
New pictures of Henry up on his page! Click HERE! I can't wait to get out there and meet him! I am planning to go Aug. 9 or so! WOOHOO!

Saturday, July 26, 2003

First and foremost: THANKS to Travis H. for the yard help! Gutters are clean! Some limbs cut... the weeds bigger than me are gone... It is AWESOME!!

And the Taylor cookout was MUCH FUN! It was so wonderful just seeing everyone again! And Tara's wedding pictures--OH MY GOD!! They are so great! She is beyond BEAUTIFUL! They honestly made me cry all over again! Teresa was definitely the entertainment tonight :) ("Fishy!")

Well, I am trying to decide what to do now... I have "Amelie" to watch but I am not sure if I am in the mood for that tonight... Tomorrow is laundry day for sure... I am honestly almost out of clean clothes... ridiculous. Maybe next week I can get my washer fixed... (sigh)

I am gonna put some new pics up on the picture page... so check 'em out!

Friday, July 25, 2003

Thanks CB for this e-card! YAY!

My sinuses are all outta whack! I dunno what is going on here in E. TN, but dang!

So what are everyone's thoughts about this new "Joey" spin-off they have planned for when Friends ends. I mean, I love Joey-- and I love Matt LeBlanc... but I remember at least 3 other sitcoms he attempted before Friends.... none of which lasted a season I don't think...

Well kids, that's about it for now... More later...

Just got in... whew! What a fun evening! We ate @ Wasabi-- must have been 15 of us there... For some reason I found it necessary to do a cartwheel outside the restaurant. I swear, I am such a dork! Then later 8 or so of us went bowling @ the grotto. Though I must say the grotto was very laid back this evening-- really non-grotto-ish all the way around. The new Scott from work joined us @ the alley-- it was nice to get to know him better. He is actually my new favorite Scott b/c he told me I look like Nattalie Maines (from the Dixie Chicks)-- this he followed up by telling me he thinks she is beautiful... so, there you have it. (& he did add that I am much smaller than her... :)

I bowled HORRIBLY! But it was fun... Charlie Peppers after bowling was fun... me, Missy, Scott & Scott went... still strange being there and Kevin not working there... I still look for him even though he is in Colorado or somewhere.

Well, tomorrow is the Taylor cookout. I have to get up early and go to the store... Plus Travis H. is coming to do some yard stuff for me... YAY!

Anyhoo, think I will head to bed now... :) S.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

I am so looking fwd to Cozymel's tonight! What a great way to celebrate the end of my last class! (Have I mentioned today is the last day?!!) :)

Still no word from my buddy M-Dub... she is moving herself to Vancouver... I hope to hear from her soon... My basement and I greatly miss her! On the moving note, my buddy CB should be coming back from NC soon... WOOHOO! And my good pal Josh just moved back to K-Town-- got a new job as the band director @ Central HS!

Well, I am off to do some work before heading to class... more later I am sure!

Ah, Cozy's was good... am now the size of the Goodyear Blimp... We surprised David @ work with a b-day dinner. It was great, told him we were having a meeting to get him there. AND... Seth came!! YAY! Always good to see him.

Got a postcard from M-Dub today... from Iowa... "Big and Corny" was the quote on it... funny stuff.

Well my friends... I am celebrating NO CLASS tomorrow by watching "Shanghai Knights" that I just got via netflix... which BTW is GENIUS!

Still no comments section for Larry... (sigh) I doubt he'd say much anyway... ;-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I have done it! I have finished my unit plan! Last big assignment for my last education class! (I'll pause while you applaud)...

I am trying to find a price list for the Fleetwood Mac tix that go on sale Saturday... ARGH! Does anyone know what they are? Help! I am MEGA excited that they are coming! Aunt V saw them a few months ago and said it was a GREAT show... she sent me a t-shirt b/c I was so jealous that she was getting to see them and I wasn't. HA HA! *UPDATE!* Steph has a link to the presale today!! WooHoo! $85 is worth it to see FM!! Ah yeah!

I am enjoying this new site... all feedback so far has been positive... so I believe this will be the *new* permanent home of Random Ramblings... I will use my tripod area to put pictures up and then link them here... yeah, that's the ticket!

Big week coming up starting tomorrow: Thurs night- Cozy's, Friday night- Sarah's shindig (Wasabi and bowling), Saturday- cookout @ the Taylors... Sunday I will be BIG as a house! :)

OK, I am off to get ready for class... more later perhaps...

You will notice I added a PHOTOS O' MINE link over there to the right.... not much to look @ where it takes you... but soon it will all be better organized.

Last class tomorrow! Can't Wait!!

12th row Fleetwood Mac tix!!!

Also, I watched the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy last night... HILARIOUS! Oh man, I was rolling! Try to catch it sometime-- I think it is Tuesdays @ 10pm on Bravo...

And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter)!

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Attempting to start a new blog here...

What a great day it has been! I have accomplished a lot! I got all the guard money deposited in my account. Once that was done I was able to order their uniforms! Dresses and pants should be in end of this week and next-- FABULOUS! I was early to class, in spite of the rainy weather... and...


WOO-HOO! This was a total surprise to me! My boss said it is something he has wanted to do for awhile. He said he asked his boss, and that he agreed totally! In his words, "We all think you ROCK!" This will be especially helpful as I will not be able to work as many hrs when I student teach in the fall... yet I still have to pay all my bills...


I am currently working on finishing up my unit plan-- last big project due in my LAST education class... due tomorrow I might add... so I better get back to it!

:) S.

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