Sunday, August 31, 2003

OMG, I am so tired! What a weekend! Friday night was the MHS v. AHS football game. It was hottern' hell... I got there early to work some with the rifles... The guard had a pretty good run... The first 2 songs were much cleaner than the first game... and the 3rd song, which we just learned last week, wasn't THAT bad... :) Once again my knight in black jeans was there lending support to me, MHS, and the cheerleaders ;-) I have had so many people ask me, "Does he REALLY enjoy HS football?" The answer is YES! He has totally adopted MHS.... Which I think is beyond great!

Yesterday was the first UT game of the season...it was also Scott's first UT game ever... we rode over with Missy and Jayme... While standing waiting on the band to march down, Scott (once again in jeans) damn near melted. Then our seats were halfway to Mars which was slightly nerve-racking... but it was still a great experience. Pregame was pretty good-- considering some stupid-ass drill changes on the part of the band directors... and half-time wasn't too bad. The band stands still more than it used to...which is slightly annoying... but there were no major collisions or screw-ups.

Last night Scott took me out for a nice dinner... (after some much needed showers)... We rented VARSITY BLUES-- one of his favorites and one I hadn't seen. It was a very nice, relaxing evening.

Tonight it is thunderstorms and yucky-- the perfect night to stay home and watch a movie again... but alas, it is Noblio's b-day party... so I must go get ready... Check back later for some pictures from the MHS game & the UT game....

Sleep calls my name... Night!

Friday, August 29, 2003

So the first day of student teaching was good. The teacher I am working with ran and hugged me as soon as I walked in... she said "I was so excited when I found out you were my student teacher!" So that's a good sign! (& yes, I already knew her...) The class seems great. They are so cute! Who couldn't love first graders! I think this will be a great experience... I just hope I can keep myself organized!

Thanks to Jana for her voicemail of encouragement this morning: "YOU CAN DO IT!"

Travis has now joined the land of the bloggers... Check out his site: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Tomorrow the class is having movie day as a reward for filling their marble jar... so it should be pretty stress free... Basically I am working on learning the kids' names and getting to know their personalities a bit.

Worked some this afternoon/evening. It was nice b/c Scott was also working late, so someone else was there... After work I went by his place to hang out... I organized my notebook while he played some songs... You people have gotta hear him! He is so good... Even Moxon was singing along... Scott's talents seem to go on and on... not the least of which is that he gives great foot massages! :)

Well, tomorrow (actually, today now) is the big Maryville-Alcoa game... GO REBELS! Hopefully the guard will have another good run. We added quite a bit of new routine this week... still MUCH to do... (sigh)

More later, yo!
Another SCORCHER of a day! I almost melted @ recess... Today was a lot of fun... Mrs. Hart was only there half a day, so the class had a sub in the afternoon. It was also movie/popcorn party day as a reward... Plus since it is Friday the kids are all excited anyway. Bless them...

Tonight is the MHS v. AHS game... should be chaos... Scott is once again coming to support the Rebs & the guard :) so sweet....

Health wise I am feeling much better... though I have a feeling that by the end of the day I will have no voice whatsoever... coughing has been my game today... plus keeping up with 1st graders... and next is keeping up with HS kids... not to mention keeping up with Scott... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

ok, off to get ready for the game... GO REBELS!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I FEEL TERRIBLE!!!!!! (Though the Reese's Pieces made me feel better) :)

What a day... ALL DAY meeting re: student teaching. This turned out to be completely overwhelming... they bombarded us with notebooks, handouts, schedules, seminars, etc... ARGH!!!! To top it all off I had to final register, pay ~$3000, and do my graduate degree plan... On the upside, that stuff is done, and I found 2 great profs for my faculty committee for my comps.

So tomorrow is my first day @ the elementary school. On the upside, I will basically just be observing for a few days....

Scott went shopping with me tonight-- what a trooper! I am not overly fond of shopping--- and I am sick, so I was extra whiny.... I did manage to finally find some khaki pants... and I got a bunch of notebooks and whatnot to attempt to get myself organized for school...

Speaking of Scott... he is now a blogger!

I also stocked up on vitamins, vitamin C, and hand sanitizer for the semester... ugh... nothing like little kids to break down an immune system.

Well, think of me tomorrow as I begin this crazy journey into student teaching... send good thoughts my way! (and maybe some kleenex too!)
Quote of the Day (from Jana): I'll just have to do some serious damage to his junk

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Sinus infection.... sucks... I feel awful! However, I have had quite a diligent nursing staff... Scott has led the team of he, Nan, and Stephanie... Always nice to have people when you feel bad... and I feel a million times worse than bad... ugh

On top of it all, I have guard rehearsal tonight.... and it is damn hot outside.

All day meeting at Carson Newman tomorrow. Please kill me now.

Off to die for awhile.... perhaps more later.....
Survived a VERY hot band rehearsal... I still feel pretty horrible... Just took some Tylenol Sinus in hopes it knocks me out.

Forgot to mention how much fun we had @ Marc's B-day last night... Here are some pictures, compliments of Sarah.

Hope everyone feels better than I do...

Monday, August 25, 2003

Scott met Dad & fam last night... well, all but John who was @ hockey travel team try-outs... We had a nice time... I think Dad & Mary really liked him... William seemed to approve as well... Though William & John have both told me that if Scott hurts me in anyway, they will go after him with a baseball bat... ah, younger brothers....

We rented THE BONE COLLECTOR last night... I had never seen it-- not being a huge fan of Angelina... but it was really good. I approve :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MARC! (YAY, Cozymel's tonight!)

YAY also for my hair appt this afternoon! WOOHOO!! After that I am off to guard rehearsal...

The countdown is on... 3 days till student teaching... eek! :)
Quote of the Day (from Nan): "I hate when I get drunk @ church!"

Saturday, August 23, 2003

So last night the blog went bowling and then to Charlie Peppers... Jana, Travis, Christy, Scott, and myself had a blast... Let me see if I can hit a few key highlights:

~Christy has evidently developed Tourettes while she was away in NC
~Travis took up smoking for a few mins...
~Boys make Christy so nervous she pours margaritas on herself
~Jana (aka FRAU) was the MIP bowling
~Scott is such a focused bowler he doesn't notice when someone is attempting to grab his ass
~Scott loses all bowling focus when Travis gives him a "slicky pants" ass slap
~The Cha-Cha Slide is not nearly as much fun without the guard kids

So now for the pictures... enjoy!

Today I MUST do some cleaning. My house is beyond embarrassing and ridiculous. Tonight is MHS' first ballgame... I am of course nervous for the guard. Scott is coming to the game and is really excited. This, BTW, means a lot to me as it is something very important in my life... High school football and band is often the last thing people want to be around on the weekends... but as I have said before, he's a pretty incredible guy... :)

ok, more later... must get some lunch........
YAY Maryville! The football team won 28-7... and for a first performance the guard & band had a pretty good run. The band sounded great and for the most part the guard was pretty much together. I am so happy. I definitely think it was one of the best opening runs they have had in years. Next week is the Alcoa game... Thousands of people... WOW.

Scott came to the game and seemed to have a good time. His wanting to be involved is so nice... it really means a lot... Missy, Jayme, Terry, & Teresa came for halftime. Great to see all the Taylors.

After the game Scott and I went to Waffle House... man I love that place! Then we came back here and watched GROSSE POINT BLANK... one of my all-time favs... Scott is actually very John Cusack-ish in many ways... which, in my book, is very cool! :)

Anyhow... I am very tired... busy day tomorrow as well... so I am off... Goodnight!

Friday, August 22, 2003

You know you have found a pretty incredible guy when they have no problem going to Joann's Fabrics & Walmart with you... :)

Chatted with Thom last night... they are finally without any houseguests... Maybe now he will have time to update Henry's page.... ;-)

So the countdown is on... less than a week before I begin student teaching.... wow... For a day I never thought would come, it is fast approaching!

If you haven't already, Check out The Blue Artichoke... It's absolutely fabulous...

ok kids... time to go teach some guard before heading to work... First ballgame for MHS tomorrow! WOOHOO!

I've MELTED!! Good Lord! It must be 9000 degrees outside... UGH!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2003

I am feeling much better today. I went home yesterday and took a nice long nap... Got my fingerprinting out of the way this morning... and now I am work listening to the company wide meeting... well, sort of listening.

Just had a very nice lunch with Scott.... he is so sweet.... :)

Today after work we are going to Joann's Fabrics... how's that for a hot date?! should be a good time ;-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Chicago Night was a success! Scott really liked the movie... and thought my idea of Chicago style pizza for dinner was quite clever. I even got a Coke and Pepsi-- he is a Pepsi drinker for some odd reason... :) Moxon is still WAY cute and seems to be adjusting well... There will be some new pictures this evening.

I am here @ work and not feeling so hot. I have a hot date with my heating pad later this evening... no pun intended...

Tomorrow AM I have my fingerprinting appt. for my background check for student teaching... WOOHOO!

New picture of Scott & Moxon

OK, Time for Law & Order! WOOHOO!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

So my alarm didn't go off...or I in a semi-conscious state turned it off this AM... whatever the case, I was again up later than I meant to be... And I am thinking, great! Hope this doesn't mean I am in for a bad day... well, I get to work and what is on my desk but a beautiful red rose... This is definitely not a bad day :)

Nan and I just got back from Best Buy-- I am now the proud owner of Chicago ! Plus we got some Panera for lunch... MMmmmmmmmmmmm...

Guard rehearal this evening and then to Scott's for CHICAGO NIGHT! (Silly fool hasn't seen the movie yet!) Pish-Posh! ;-)

Monday, August 18, 2003

ok, I have been slacking in the blog dept this weekend.. (but hey! I was in 4 states on Friday, so BACK OFF!) :)

This weekend, once I got back home, has been wonderful. Saturday night we had a group of 10 @ Cozymel's... McG finally made his public debut... even if he did hide under a hat... :) Here are some pictures from Cozymel's. After Cozymel's, several of us went to Preservation Pub. Ran into Christi, Chad, Kevin, & Shannon there... all in all had a great evening. McG was bombarded with all sorts of new people, but said he had a great time. He, Christy, Shannon, and I laughed hysterically for quite awhile.

Today (Sunday) I went to church and showed off my Henry and Catie pictures. Grandma and I took Don out to eat for his b-day which was last week. I did manage to sneak a brief nap in before meeting Dad et. al. for dinner tonight. Afterwards I headed over to Scott's (McG himself) to meet his new puppy (Mystery Dog), Moxon. VERY CUTE... both of them :) Tomorrow will be rough though as Moxon cries when Scott leaves the room. (Bless his heart!) There is also a pic of Moxon on the link above.

So that is it... in a very brief nutshell... But it is almost 3am and I have to go to work tomorrow... So........ that's all you get... for now...
Check out my newest link, Blue Artichoke. A friend of mine has moved to Vancouver to go to cooking school, and has decided to keep a blog of her adventures. Recipes included! Very cool!
Not really much to report today... I was later getting to work than I meant to, which was fine b/c I didn't have much to do anyway... I stopped on the way & got Moxon some gifts... And I am happy to report that he survived his first day alone while Scott was @ work.

Went to MHS guard rehearsal today... somehow I forgot my shorts and tshirt... It was HOT today... when I left I felt lightheaded and woozy... thus I came home and took a nap... which I needed anyway. I pretty much fell asleep right @ my desk today at work (Told ya I wasn't busy!)

I am excited! Tomorrow Chicago goes on sale. Scott has never seen it, so after band rehearsal tomorrow, it is CHICAGO NIGHT! woohoo!!

OK, that's all I got! Check out the latest pictures if you haven't already!

Saturday, August 16, 2003

What a day I have had!! I got up @ 4am Cali time... Thom took me to the airport for the 6am flight I was trying to get on. Trying being the word... I failed... They rolled me over to a 7:45am flight to Chicago-- but I called my uncle and he said there was no chance I would get on it either... So... he researched and told me to try to get on the flight to Denver. Luckily this was @ the gate right next door... I managed to get on this flight... so there I was in Denver.The woman there was very nice and listed me for the flight to Chicago leaving @ 12:48pm. Well... this flight was delayed till 2pm... I got the 2nd to last seat... This is after I was @ the Denver airport for like 6 hrs. So I make it to Chicago, and of course have to walk to the other side to get to the Knoxville Gate. By this point I have been up like 13 hrs... I check in at the gate and find that the nice lady in Denver also listed me on this flight... and I did get on (2 hrs later, mind you)... SO... I finally get home @ 9:30pm... And as promised Mystery Guy is there to pick me up... (Bless his heart!) ;-)

Mystery Guy has outdone himself... he made me the most incredible cd... He even included the lyrics-- which I LOVE! The thought and the time that he put into this is amazing. I have never had anyone go to so much trouble-- and make something so personal... There just aren't words really... And believe me, when I am fully conscious and actually awake, I plan to sit down and study those lyrics...

MG also humored me by taking me to Waffle House as I have eaten only 1.5 granola bars and an airplane size bag of pretzels today... Plus I was craving some hashbrowns... You all should see MG flirt with the Waffle House waitress! :)

So anyway, I am home... had a great trip... glad to be back... (Did I mention I have been in 4 states today?!!) :)

Tomorrow night is Cozymel's... MG gets to meet some new people, and thus not be a complete mystery anymore... he has threatened to wear a mask to prevent this... silly!

ok, delirious now... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Thursday, August 14, 2003

IT'S CATIE DAY!!! I am SO excited! I really hope I can remain calm and not scare her to death! There will of course be pictures later on... I'll keep you posted!

So Mystery Guy fell asleep on the phone last night... and there was not a darn thing I could do to wake him... He was in mid-sentence as well... and then, SNORE! Luckily he did wake up on time this AM...

So it is 8:02am here and I have been quite productive this morning... called Mystery Guy to make sure he woke up... made Thom breakfast (eggs, biscuits, coffee, juice), & am now watching Henry so Miss Jessica can get some sleep. Yay! Go me!

There are not words to describe how beautiful Catherine Jane Maurer is... You will just have to see for yourself... She has her own page in my photo album-- click here! I am so honored to finally meet this angel... There really are not words for how wonderful she is. She looks great. As Julie says, "She makes it look easy, huh?" And her brothers (Charlie & Jacob) are pretty fabulous as well. I have really enjoyed talking with them today. They are great with Catie, and she tells me they are the best brothers in the world. She said to me, "They are my boys!" Ed & Julie have done an amazing job with their family-- better than many I know... And considering all they deal with... amazing!

So I have to get up @ 4am tomorrow... flight is @ 6am... supposed to get home around 4pm. Will be a long day! Mystery Guy is picking me up though... :)

Anyway, I need to pack and all that jazz... PLEASE look @ the Catie pictures... she truly is my hero...

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Henry has once again gotten himself out of having his shots. With a brilliant display of lung and tear power, he managed to work not only his mother into a frenzy, but the Dr. as well. Her exact words were, "There is no way in hell I am giving this baby any shots!" Henry has never acted like he did today... bless his heart. I think it was a combination of things really upsetting him. I really hope he is not getting sick.

I am starving @ the moment. We are having a big "Grandma-style" meal tonight... but not for several more hrs... (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...) that was my stomach... :)

Catie and her branch of the Michigan Maurers come tomorrow... you can expect many pictures!

Dinner was great...

After dinner Thom was quite entertaining as he attempted to kill a fly. It almost turned Matrixesqe.... In the end the fly eluded it's death sentence... It later flew directly into my eye as I was doing dishes. Damn fly.

Henry appears to be much better after his hysterical breakdown @ the Dr.'s-- I'm thinkin' the boy just doesn't want his shots!

I think the quote of the day is this:

(said through a mouth full of pork roast, in reference to Steel Magnolias)

"That Weezer...she's funny!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Jess, Henry, & I went to Mahattan Beach today for some lunch and shopping... it was very nice. The weather today was beautiful... rather warm, but the lack of humidity is nice!

Poor Thom was home sick today with a sinus infection... he looks like he feeling a bit better now though.

Tomorrow Henry goes to the Dr. for some shots... I predict this will be traumatic for Jess... well, Henry too I s'pose.

Just got off the phone with Mystery Guy...and man! What a conversation... I will of course not repeat everything that was said... but let me just say that he is pretty darn incredible... His expression is impressive... I do not always express things well... especially feelings or emotions... (He says this is b/c I am a scorpio)... :) But he is very open and very honest which is nice. A lot of guys are not, so it's a change... a nice change.

Found out today that Catie IS going to get to come to CA!! This is so great! She is quite a hero of mine and I am SO honored that Julie said I had been made an honorary Aunt. I am also really glad for Eddie's sake that she can come. He would have been devestated... "I love it when a plan comes together!"

ok, so I had a quote last night... thought I'd throw out another tonight:

"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost."
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Goodnight my peeps!

Monday, August 11, 2003

well, some foolass (STEPHANIE) called me @ 6:50am cali time this morning... sigh.... no biggie actually, I just couldn't go back to sleep... made Thom some breakfast... Just got done playing with Henry... I was successfully spit up upon 4 times in the span of about 20 minutes. Fabulous... I am now off for a shower... then I think we are heading to Toys R Us... Pottery Barn... and maybe Target... WOOHOO! more later, yo!
I know this will come as a HUGE surprise... but there are new pictures!

Henry did great on the errands today... Even @ Tar-ghetto.... I got him a 2mo. b-day gift-- a tummy-time/back-time thingamajig... (There are pics of it on the picture page)... he seems to like it pretty well.

All is fairly quiet here... except for the exceptionally LOUD kid down @ the pool... I am about to go MARCO POLO on his ass!
It occurred to me this evening that we could all use some words from Bruce:

These are better days baby
These are better days it's true
These are better days
There's better days shining through

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Today we travelled to Manhattan Beach, but to no avail... There was a volleyball tournament going on and thus NO parking... zip...zero...zilch. So, after driving around for half and hour we headed to the California Pizza Kitchen for "lunch." It was great and compliments of grandma. I worked with Henry on sticking out his tongue and making funny faces-- which was of course captured on camera and will be uploaded later this evening.

We are back home now... Thom and I are going to head to the grocery in a bit to get stuff for the week. His brother Eddie is coming over tonight and we are going to grill out. It will be great to see Eddie-- haven't seen him since the wedding 5 yrs ago... I am still hoping Catherine's counts improve so she can come out later this week. Everyone send good thoughts her way!

Well, I need to finish my shopping list... check back later for pictures! :)
It was great to see Eddie again... I lied, it hasn't been quite 5 yrs since I have seen him... but 3.5-4 anyway! He and Thom are so funny together... I really hope Catherine gets to come this week. For Eddie more than anything... it is painfully obvious how much he misses his family.

Talked with the Mystery Guy for an hour or so... actually woke him up when I called... whoops! Hopefully he got back to sleep (and isn't dreaming of pirates with bad speech impediments...) and hopefully he will not oversleep for work tomorrow. We had a good chat... I've also had several great emails from him. He seems to think I am very funny... along with beautiful.... I swear I don't know how all this happened... I told him tonight my self-esteem is now through the roof. (sigh) :)

ok buckaroos... bedtime in Cali :)
~S. Lo

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Great morning! Henry and I sang and played while Jess made muffins... (See Pictures)

Still not sure what we're going to do yet... but I am enjoying just hanging out doing nothing for once... :) Very relaxing!

later kids...

Henry and I took a nice nap today... (yes, of course they got a picture... see the above link)...

Thom, Jess, Henry, & I just took a walk down to the video store...

All in all a nice relaxing day. I think tomorrow we are heading to Manhattan Beach... hope to do a bit of shopping, etc.
One last note... do not EVER, under any circumstance watch The Banger Sisters... It is quite possibly the worst movie ever.

Friday, August 08, 2003


Thanks to Mystery Guy for taking me to the airport at the CRACK OF DAWN... ugh... I know he has to be exhausted!

Made all my flights fine... even got first class out to LA which was great... bigger comfy seat was easier to doze in... plus I got some breakfast.

Henry is so fabulous! I love him to death... he smiles and laughs and grunts and groans... and hiccups... big time! But he is so beautiful... This will be a great week. I am babysitting tonight as it is Thom & Jessica's anniversary (5th!)... Thom sent Jess flowers... and the card was supposed to read "High Five! Happy Anniversary" but as the guy @ the flower place was foreign... it reads "Hi Five! Happy Anniverary." I think I will call her Five all day.

OK, I am off to spend some quality time with Mr. Henry... more later.. including pictures! :)

OK, check out my When Henry Met Saundra photo spread...

Today has been fabulous! I am loving hanging out with Henry... I did get a brief nap today before Thom came home. Mystery Guy called-- he was amazingly still awake after such an early morning taking my sorry self to the airport. :)

Henry and I had a big time while Jess and Thom went to dinner. He had a brief fussy moment which I calmed with my renditions of Shake Your Love, Rocky Top, and Hot in Here.

Now I am off for a piece of cheesecake!

How's everyone else doing??

Thursday, August 07, 2003

well... today was something.

Started out fine... got up on time, all that jazz... then it got progressively, well, not worse... I guess stressful would be the term... I have a tendency to let negative people get to me too much... (sigh)

Did some shopping after work... I am not much on shopping, but I had a pretty good time. Ran into Witne-- always good to see her. (Witne is one of my fav former guard girls)-- she is gearing up to start UT in a few weeks... Makes me feel old. I remember when she was in 8th grade...

Hung out with Mystery Guy tonight... watched a movie, talked... That's all the info you get on that... except that Mystery Guy is pretty damn adorable :)

So anyway, goal for Thursday is to pack. Oy!

sleep calls... more later
Today went fine considering I woke up 2 hrs later than I meant to. We had a HUGE storm in the night that knocked out my power...

I am currently taking a quick break from packing... ugh! Mystery Guy is coming over tonight... should be fun :)

That is really about all I have to report. My flight leaves @ 7:15 am tomorrow... I will be posting MANY pictures of Henry, I am sure... so just get ready and check back often!

:) S.

ps- Hey Tommy! :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Ah where to begin... I got up a bit late today... which was fine, I needed the rest... Not much going on @ work (work-wise anyway). We did have our show-n-tell lunch... I shared a winterguard video from my senior year in HS. Those not familiar with winterguard seemed impressed and asked a lot of questions. Nan, Steph and I had fun as usual-- they both found it necessary to dance like fools in the hall and then tell Scott they were merely doing their Saundra-dance impressions. You haven't lived till you've seen Nan attempt the "running man."

The Mystery Guy was in rare form today. I try to explain that I am not used to such attention and compliments. I am not saying I don't like it... I am just not used to having someone tell me how attractive they think I am... and how nice I am... and how I make them nervous, etc. He also gave me a picture from his sister's wedding this past weekend of himself all dolled up in his tux... lookin' all GQ... :) He also got to view the winterguard tape... my favorite comment: "Look how graceful you are"-- as Steph said, "You'd never know it's the same girl that can't walk down the hall w/o falling or walking into something..."

Speaking of Mystery Guy... I am trying to come up with a plan for something to do tomorrow evening. He has agreed to go with me to see Seth's band @ 10:30. Not really my scene, but I like to be supportive.

After work I went and picked Alexander up @ Gma's... we went by the MHS band rehearsal. He informed me that my guard kids "were pretty good." Afterwards we hit the mall for some card thing he wanted. He was quite impressed. Nothing is funnier than a 5 year old saying "This one is INCREDIBLE!" He has been such an angel this week. After grabbing a Happy Meal, we headed back to watch some Pokemon... whatever that is about.

Well, I suppose I will run... I need to start packing, or at least getting stuff together... Not that I will have room for any of MY clothes... I have a suitcase worth of baby clothes to take to Henry... Good thing he is a big kids... we almost wear the same size I think.... ;-)

Have a great night!

PS- Sarah's back! well, sorta... check out her temporary blog

Monday, August 04, 2003

well... my 16 yr old brother had a run in with the Anderson Co. Sherriff's dept last night... underage intoxication....My stepmother said my dad almost had a heartattack he was so mad... So, I think I will be avoiding the Wilson Ranch for awhile... At least he wasn't driving, but still. He worries me to death... Just talked to dad... he seems to have calmed down... for the moment anyway.

On a brighter note... had another call from "Mystery Guy"... Everyone will have to welcome him back to the blog this evening... :) He said his song performance went incredibly great! (We all knew it would!)

Not much has been happening here @ work today.... I am leaving in a few mins to head to MHS for guard rehearsal... then to Gma's to check on Alexander....

I guess Jana starts UT Band camp this week... Perhaps she will entertain us all with stories... (How many Cokes have you had today Jana? ;-)
Well I had a nice evening with the Mystery Guy... if it weren't so damn late, I'd tell you more.... :-D

Sunday, August 03, 2003

well, I survived the NC trip with no migraine this time... YAY! The wedding was nice... the rain miraculously held off-- though it was iffy once or twice... Jenny looked beautiful and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Got home about 1am. Woke up this morning to yet another monsoon... so I rolled over and went back to sleep. I am now cleaning like a fool... even pulled out the carpet cleaner much to Khaki and Cleo's dismay.

LA plans are all set now... I am leaving in the morning, Friday the 8th-- Thom & Jess' wedding anniversary... what a great gift I will be :)

Heading to G-ma's soon... Trying to think of something fun Alexander and I can do today... he's been cooped up @ Gma's for 2 days now...

More later....

First I want everyone to please remember my friend Stan Burnette in your thoughts and prayers. His wife Lynn passed away today after a long battle with cancer. Both are only in their 30's. As most of you know, I lost my mother to cancer 2 years ago. It is an ugly disease that I hope and pray will one day have a cure. In the meantime, please pray for those heroic people dealing with it.

I had a good day with Alexander. We ran some errands... I got him a great Sponge Bob shirt... we also found 3 more packs of Pokemon and Yughio cards... he is so funny. Check out some of my pictures of him from today! Also check out Cleo in the sink... Makes it really hard to brush my teeth in the morning!

I am still on super-sonic cleaning mode... No clue what has gotten into me... LOL

Talked with Thom and Jess again... I am so excited to get out there and meet that baby!!! (have I mentioned that already?!)

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Thought I'd go ahead and post since I will not be home till sometime after midnight. I am going to NC today for my cousin Jenny's wedding. It's outdoors-- I hope the rain and mosquitos hold off!

Before I head there I am going to the Taylor's for a shower for Julie... Should be fun! Wish I could stay! Check out the picture of me, Tara, & Missy from the party!

Speaking of mosquitos-- I have a mosquito bite on my face! ARGH! Travis was working in my yard yesterday and said he looked down at one point and saw 12 or so on his leg. I hate them! Perhaps I should have the yard sprayed... I think mom had to do that a few times. I swear, it's always something. Still haven't had the washer fixed.

ok kids... I am off to run some errands... then head to the shower and then the wedding... Woohoo! More tomorrow! Have a great day! :)

Friday, August 01, 2003

I only have a min @ the moment... Enjoying a fun day with Alexander! We got a Happy Meal and ran by work... he enjoyed his lunch and got to meet all my co-workers... much fun. After that we braved the monsoon outside to go see Johnny English... it was awful! But Alexander LOVED it... Now after a trip to Target we are 2 Pokemon packs heavier and on our way back to G-ma's...

Later this evening I am taking my brother John to see American Wedding. Not really sure I want to see this anymore than Johnny English... but alas, I am a good sister. What can I say?

Had a voice mail from the "Mystery Guy"-- :)

ok, more to follow........

OK, I admit it. I was wrong. American Wedding was freakin' hysterical! John and I had a great time... who knew?!

Talked to Thom tonight... Can't wait to see Henry!! And Catherine will be there while I am, so I will finally meet one of my heros! Never fear, I will post pictures! :)

and BTW, Mystery Guy-- Thom says my OHIO accent is right on.... ;-)

Oh, HIGH FIVE to me! I got my PRAXIS test scores back... Needed a 155 to pass-- yeah, I got a 187! WOOHOO! One more... or maybe 2 to take for ye ol' teacher license...

Alright, well once again it is way late... so I am off to bed...

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