Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Today started off bad. I woke up @ 7am... which is when I am usually leaving for school. ACK! But I made it on time, and after reading an EXTREMELY sweet email from Scott, was back on the right track.

Class went well today... the kids were pretty good... plus it was a girl's b-day-- so that meant COOKIE CAKE! :)

After school I had to go to CN for seminar. It was thrilling as usual. They have dumped yet another extremely time consuming project on us. Did I mention my comprehensive exams are THIS SATURDAY?! Did I also mention I haven't done anything to prepare. ACK!

Tomorrow I need to finish MHS' flags... The big PHS game is this Friday. Some PHS guard girls IM'd me yesterday to tell me they are terrified for me to see their show. Sounds encouraging, eh? Ah well...

OK, I am off to do some more work... and maybe clean some... WOOHOO!

Make sure and check out Scott's b-day pictures...

Also check out DIY's newly re-designed site!

Monday, September 29, 2003

Another great & busy weekend! Friday, as I mentioned, I went to the MHS game... Later that night I attempted to watch a movie & fell asleep 10 mins in...

Saturday I got up and went to work to help with the DIY Scrapbooking Marathon. I am a typist for our live chats. I did some other work I needed to catch up on and then headed out. I went and got Scott and we went to get me a new cell phone. Still haven't found mine, DANGIT! I ended up getting a good deal on a used one-- used 21 hrs-- that's all! The man said it retails for $130-- he sold it to me for $50. I verified this with one of my guard kids that sells cell phones. He agrees I got a great deal. And the man said I could return it if I find mine in the next few days.

Next Scott and I had a nice dinner @ Chili's before heading to his place to watch the game. Dear Lord! The VOLS stress me out. Thank the dear Lord they pulled it out in overtime. WOOHOO!

After the game Scott and I went to Bailey's for his b-day pool games... I had a few good shots here and there.. My new goal is to outright beat him. There were a few times I came close. I have yet to regain my old "game"-- one day!!!

Sunday I did some laundry @ Gma's before going to watch the Browns game w/ Scott @ Bailey's. See his entry for the outcome there. Let me just say-- I am glad Tim Couch got to play, and I am thrilled he did so well! We went back to Scott's where I promptly fell asleep for awhile... he cleaned and cooked dinner-- which was EXCELLENT! (YAY! He can cook!) :) He amused me by letting me watch COLD CASE and LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT... I love those shows...

Today was a long day @ school. Monday. ugh. hope tomorrow is better. Have to go to CN tomorrow... woof!

night y'all!

Friday, September 26, 2003

LORD! What a week! This was my solo week student teaching... Man oh man... I ate lunch for the first time today :) And that is only b/c one of the other teachers ordered out and went and picked it up. I am having a blast in the classroom! It is all the junk I have to do for MY classes that sucks. The kids are great... and seem to like me. One said today, "You're so funny, Ms. Wilson!"

Today my FAVORITE [insert sarcasm here] football player in the whole world came for a visit-- that's right, Mr. Casey Clausen himself! I found him to have very little personality, he barely spoke to the kids, and when he did it was all ghetto gibberish. He asked one little boy if he was "fly." The poor child was so confused.

This week was also Scott's b-day-- as earlier mentioned. I did my very best to make sure this was a great day for him. The night before I went to work and decorated his cube. I used a football theme== and Cleveland colors, of course. He is working on putting up some pictures soon. That night I cooked his favorite meal: roast, potatoes, corn, and rolls. He tells me this is the BEST meal he has ever had... which of course made me feel GREAT... but what made me feel even better was that I think he honestly meant it! He liked his gift which was a hod-podge of stuff... We also went over to Rooster's to watch a singer Scott really likes. Then last night we went with Christy & Ryan (Luke as I like to call him) to see Edwin McCain... Man, what a FABULOUS show! Scott seemed to REALLY enjoy it, which was so great. I am so glad he had a good b-day even though he is so far from his family.

Did I mention how damn tired I am?

After school today I frantically painted one set of MHS' flags. They used them tonight and they looked great. Jana and Travis were @ the game, so that was fun. I had to park 19 miles away in the middle of some field. Well, when I left, everything was pitch dark... Travis walked around the field with me trying to help me find my car... Finally I spotted it.... next obstacle was finding my way outta the field... UGH... stupid William Blount!

The guard looked great! There are of course some things here and there that need tweaking... but I think they are definitely ready for their contest tomorrow and for their meeting with PHS next week. That should be interesting. William Blount's guard looked really good too. Their band director is a friend of mine-- always good to see Rob Clark!

So now I am home enjoying a french bread pizza-- first dinner I have had in a few days as well... I think I will watch a movie and pass out... I am working the chats for the scrapbooking marathon tomorrow... WOOHOO! Scott and I are also going to go out and do something :-D

ok kids... I'm outta here, yo!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Monday, September 22, 2003

I had a FANTASTIC weekend... I wish it didn't have to end...

Friday I went to the MHS game to see the guard-- they wore uniforms for the first time and looked great!

Saturday I got up early and did the RACE FOR THE CURE... Missy and Nan walked with me. We had a really good time... There were thousands of people there... all supporting a very important cause... Way to go to everyone involved!! That afternoon was not so happy though. I had to take Grandma to the funeral home for her sister's funeral. It was so sad. I cannot stand to see my grandmother so upset. The funeral was very nice and grandma got to talk with a lot of her friends and family.

Later that evening I went to Scott's... we hung around for awhile, chatting... he played DJ... This was so fun and relaxing... he gets so excited about music-- it is really great. He just lights up... afterwards we went to Union Jacks for some pool... I sucked BIG TIME... but had a BLAST! (& too much hard cider)... this evening was just what I needed after the horrid week I had... THANK YOU SCOTT!

Sunday AM I got up and fixed some breakfast... then had to go get grandma for the lunch and burial. Again, no fun. After that it was back to Scott's for the BROWNS v. the 49ers... The Browns pulled it off in the end (Thank God!) I still think the coach is either an idiot or dating Kelly Holcomb...

Later we ran by dad's-- Mary had a lot of her nutrition curriculum and materials for me to use @ school this week... very cool. My whole family is now obsessed with how the Browns do each week... it is so funny. Even John, who previously gave Scott hell about the Browns is cheering for them. :) After Dad's we went by the store and then back to Scott's. It was his turn to cook (TACOS!!) while I did some school stuff...

Scott and I laughed all weekend... we had so much fun... and we basically have our own language now... I can't really explain it... but let me just say, "YOU are a tobogan!"

This is my "solo week" @ school... meaning I teach all day, everyday... today was WILD! The kids were CRAZY... not sure if it was b/c it is Monday... or b/c it was pouring rain... or what.... But GRACIOUS! Plus Dr. Bull came to observe... that always makes me somewhat nervous. He reassured me I am doing a great job... YAY! GO ME! :)

Anyhow, I am still @ work, it has been a long day, and I have some shopping to do... so I am off and up out! Yo!

:) S.

ps-- Thanks to everyone for their encouragement last week and this weekend! Y'all are the GREATEST!
Quote of the day:

Remember, to say, "I love you" to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you. Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again. Give time to love, give time to speak, and give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Friday, September 19, 2003

I think I found Jana's funk... multiplied it by 10, and made it my own...

Yesterday and today were got great days. First of all, my grandmother's sister (my great-aunt) passed away. This is, of course, very sad. But the worse part for me is seeing my grandmother so upset. To top it all off, my aunts can't come in for the funeral b/c of the hurricane. So, I have to take grandma to all of it. I am so not a fan of funerals, plus she will be even more upset.

All of this seemed to trigger a major meltdown. It's no secret that I always take on too much in my life. Yes, I am aware of it. Right now everything has got me down. School is overwhelming, my nasty house is overwhelming, trying to get everything done for the guard is overwhelming... and it all seems to have piled up.

Worst of all, poor Scott has received the brunt of my emotions. These have ranged from anger to saddness, to confusion.... many tears, kleenex, and sobs later, I think I feel better...

On a more positive note, tomorrow is the Race for the Cure... Missy and Nan have been kind enough to walk with me, as my aunt can't make it in this year. This is a special event that always means a lot to me...

And tomorrow Tennessee plays Florida-- at the Swamp. If you have never been there, and you are a TN fan... it is a TERRIBLE place to be. I wish them all luck! GO VOLS!

MHS Guard wore uniforms for the first time tonight and they looked great! Had a fairly decent run of the show... They have a lot of new work this week, so, PLENTY to work on for next week. Overall, not bad though. The crowd seemed to LOVE the show...

Thursday, September 18, 2003


BTW, here are 2 new pictures of Scott... more coming! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Today was a good day!

School went well... I was on time for early bus duty... The kids were pretty good... lessons went well... and I got to play catch @ recess... ;-)

When I got to work I almost cried... the gang had made a card and left on my desk... WE MISS YOU it read.... I miss them too! Looking fwd to getting some more hrs in Friday since I don't have school.

After work Scott and I had another hot date @ Joann Fabrics... :) After that we got really crazy and went to Lowe's... And, since we have missed the last 2-- we had a Waffle House date... Few things better than being with Scott, grilled cheese, and a double order of hashbrowns covered.... MMMmmmmmmm.... while we were there, the jukebox randomly started... and it was LANDSLIDE... the Dixie Chicks version.... it was kind of strange... when the song was over, it went back to silence... a sign?

Looking fwd to seeing Scott more tomorrow... woohoo! No school FRIDAY!

ok, bedtime!

ps-- Friday is National Talk Like Pirate Day (arrrrrrrrrrr!)
Check out the site and take the quiz-- here are my results:

You are Ol' Chummy

You look old for your age. Hygiene is just that thing that happens to other Pirates. You like what you like. Taking a cannonball to the head in your younger days hasn't helped. Not one to take risks, you enjoy quiet evenings on your bunk. You're a collector. You like things. Not, "nice" things- just things. Some people think of you as a blight on humanity - a carbuncle on the alabaster skin of man. You think of yourself as a swell guy with lots of friend - just the one, but lots of him. If you weren't a pirate, but rather lived in the 21st Century, you would be the kind of guy who has played a computer game for four days without thinking of showering and living solely on Mountain Dew and Cool Ranch Doritos. What you lack in physical attractiveness you more than make up for in interesting skin conditions. What's the upside of all of this? With the Captain's lifestyle, you are likely to be running the ship in a week or two. Ahead! Warp Factor ONE!

What's Yer Inner Pirate?
brought to you by The Official Talk Like A Pirate Web Site. Arrrrr!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Stressing out slightly... I feel like I am totally out of control and overwhelmed...

Found out today who my new college coordiator is-- this is the guy that will observe and grade my student teaching... Anyone remember that literacy class I took one summer--- remember the handwriting? Remember how miserable I was? Yeah, THAT guy. Those of you that missed that episode in my life will not fully understand my anguish. On the upside-- he doesn't seem to remember me.

While I am venting... Let's see what else...

~my house is gross-- Khaki keeps peeing on things and throwing up
~I don't ever have time to call the man to come fix my washer and install a new disposal-- there is standing water IN my diswasher where the disposal has it all backed up...
~Everything is piling up all around me... I try to clean one room @ a time and end up just moving piles around
~and all this week I have to be @ school BEFORE 7am for bus duty

ok, I am done.

On to happy things-- no school for me on Friday! WOOHOO! The kids were very well behaved today... and good news for CB today-- she got some SMOOCHES!!! ;-)

Looking fwd to tomorrow when I get to see SCOTT for awhile @ work... :)

ok kids... night

Monday, September 15, 2003

For Sunday's activities, see Scott's Blog

Today was long... I woke up late... once I got to school my teacher tells me that she forgot to let me know that we have bus duty this week-- so for the rest of the week I have to be @ school by 6:45am... SUCK! At least it is a short week-- no school Friday! The kids were all chatty Cathys today... ARGH!! Several ended up owing me time @ recess. I always feel mean, but dangit! HUSH UP!

After school I ran some errands, then headed to ye ol' MHS for guard rehearsal. Rewrote the beginning and end of one of the songs-- looks much better.

From there it was on to work... Scott was waiting for me to see my reaction to a picture he "created" for me... basically he put his face on Johnny Depp's head... it is quite hysterical! (not to mention distracting as I am trying to work...) :)

I left work @ 9:30pm... have been doing some dishes and putting some clothes away here... bed time is 11pm-- so I better run! Tomorrow is another long-ass day as I have to drive to CN for seminar... ugh... such a waste of time and life.... OY!

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Are you sitting pretty?

I am really not sure there are words to descrie how awesome that concert was... OMG!


~first and foremost, LANDSLIDE... It is obvious to me that Stevie and Lindsey share something deeper than love for each other... simply amazing. That song means so much to me on so many levels. wow.

~My second favorite song they performed was STAND BACK... man the crowd was going crazy... And Stevie was rockin'!!!!!!! When she did her patented spin around--- oh man! Almost wet my pants!

~Lindsey Buckingham is BEAUTIFUL! The funny, possibly lesbian hyper women in front of us yelled "We love you Lindsey!" So I yelled, "We do too!" From that point on Jana and I were fast friends with the crazy women... we discussed how we couldn't decide who was prettier-- Stevie or Lindsey. Lindsey stole the show thogh-- he was all over the place... He is so amazing...

~Mick Fleetwood and his drum vest...

~Jana pushing the teeny boppers out of the way-- EXCUSE ME!!


Oh man, the whole experience was incredible! Honestly the best show I have seen... ever! wow. Jana and I have decided 2 things:

1. Stevie Nicks should have her own shawl line...

2. MTV's new reality show will be "Saundra & Stevie"-- I'm gonna keep her in my basement... she will help me decorate for Christmas, etc... it'll be great!

And I am so happy-- Scott came to eat with us before the show, so I got to see him if only for an hour or so... he is off on a hot date downtown with some people... hopefully not picking up chicks... :)

OK, as I have to leave my house @ 6:15am tomorrow, I am heading to bed...

"Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow... Don't stop, it'll soon be here... It'll be here, better than before... yesterday's gone... yesterday's gone..."

6:15 am BLOWS! Keep your fingers crossed that I can take those tests!
Good news! I was able to take both tests... so, provided I passed, I am finished with my Praxis exams for my teaching license! YAY! I finished the first one in an hour; it was a 2 hr test-- so, I hope that isn't a bad thing... I feel pretty good about it though-- esp considering I managed to stay awake! We'll see in a month!

Scott and I are eating @ Gma's tonight with her and Aunt Liz... they are just back from the Atlanta shopping excursion.... :) After that I think Scott and I are going to watch FROM HELL... Johnny Depp, ah yeah!

Friday, September 12, 2003

Goodbye... Johnny Cash ... John Ritter

On a lighter note... Christy Banks has a date!! The world might end-- she and I getting dates in the same year! What the dealy-o? YAY Cheese!

FLEETWOOD MAC TONIGHT! I will have a full report tomorrow. Sadly I am attempting to take 2 Praxis exams tomorrow... I will have to leave home around 6:15am... SUCK!!!

Anyhow, I must get dressed and head outta here... Have a good evening!

Thursday, September 11, 2003


Please take a moment today to remember all those who lost their lives 2 years ago today... We will never forget...

All in a day's work... Let's see, when I sat down to eat some lunch today I noticed I had SNOT dripping off my skirt! EEWWWWWWW!!!

The kids were pretty good today... It was a crazy morning as everything had to be rearranged for the Sept 11 ceremony... As the kids in my class are 5 and 6, they weren't really sure what Sept 11 was all about.

Work is still insane... I was slammed...

I am finally home, and waiting on Aunt Liz to call from the airport so I can pick her up... YAY... also taking some laundry to Gma's... woohoo- clean clothes!

Tomorrow is FLEETWOOD MAC!! I will finally get to see one of my fav singers ever-- STEVIE NICKS.... I am so excited!! I just wish Scott was going... that would make it even more special... alas, he gets a Saundra-free evening.... wonder what he will do....


Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Today was a great day @ school. My teacher had a Drs appt so she didn't come in until 9:30. So basically I had the kids for 2 hrs by myself. They did a great job and I feel my lesson went well. I am getting better at classroom discipline too, I think. It was another birthday-- which meant cookie cake... I swear, I will be big as a blimp by the time I get out of 1st grade! :)

Work has been busy! DIYnet is preparing for our redesign, and switching content to a new tool... SO... all is crazy here. I have MUCH to do... but it is great to see everyone... I feel like it has been a month!

Tonight I am going to enjoy dinner with Scott... pizza....MMmmmmmmmm... He is also WAY busy @ work, so I don't get to see/talk to him much here. Plus I have been promised a backrub! (Which believe me, is well deserved and much needed!)

OK, so that's all for now... off to Scott's... more later, if you are good!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

what a day!

woke up LATE... stupid sinus medicine knocks me OUT... school was good, though the kids were VERY chatty today... mix that with my sinuses= UGH! It was one student's birthday today-- so at least I got a cupcake! :)

I did manage to get in a nap before band rehearsal-- though I also managed to oversleep. The guard is looking better all the time. Still much to do... but it is getting there!

Have I mentioned lately how FABULOUS Scott is? :) Can't wait to see him @ work tomorrow...

well, I am off to SLEEP... woohoo!

Monday, September 08, 2003

What a FABULOUS weekend! I will have to update you later however, as now I must sleep....

Goodnight Moon!

I am so tired today! School went well... I taught some language arts stuff... the kids were great. The only bad thing was the air was out in the school the first part of the day, so I was BURNING UP!

This weekend was so much fun! Scott's sister and her husband came to town... We all went to the game Saturday... tailgated with Travis H. which was GREAT! He is quite the griller. We even let Chris, the Marshall fan, hang out with us... And let me just say one more time, Casey Clausen wears me out! I think he is a lousy QB.... hell, half the time he throws to the pom-pom girls... After the game we went to eat @ Green Hills Grille-- Scott and I ate there last week after the game and really liked it. From there we made our way to Union Jack's so Scott and Chris could play some pool. Traci and I chatted and tried to survive sinus trauma.

I am totally thieving again-- here are some pictures-- I took them, but Scott had the energy and talent to get them up online first... :)

Sunday I took grandma to a baby shower and then met back up with Scott to watch the end of the Cleveland-Indianapolis game... Sadly for Scott and the Browns, the Colts pulled out a win in the final seconds with a field goal. My boy Peyton didn't appear to have a good day either... but that's ok, at least he isn't on the bench! ;-)

Sunday night Scott and I ate with Dad & fam to celebrate Grandparents' Day... MMMMMmmmmmm.... afterwards we rented IDENTITY-- which was very freaky... John Cusack is great though-- a very different role for him.

So today, after school I went to MHS for a 2 hr rehearsal, and then on to work. WOOHOO! And now it is time to finally go home where I have more school and guard work...

So what is up with everyone else?

Pete sent me today's Quote of the Day :

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community . . . and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for a moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing to on to future generations.

-George Bernard Shaw

Friday, September 05, 2003


Thursday, September 04, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDY! The big 2-5!! From now on, we call him "Papaw"

So my quote of the day today is from one of my 1st grade students. We were reading a book that went through all the months and covered some holidays. He said, and I quote: "In October, on Thanksgiving, if you don't wear green then someone will pinch you!" I love first grade!

The kids were wild today b/c it was rainy and that = no recess outside. ACK! And I didn't have any caffeine today so I have a headache!!

Tomorrow is Grandparent's Day @ school-- I have a feeling it will be MASS CHAOS!

I am looking forward to the weekend.... hopefully there will be some time to relax... Scott's sister and bro-in-law are coming... we are taking them to Waffle House Friday night for our usual dinner date. Scott wants Traci to meet Debra-- the real love of his life. ;-) UT v. Marshall this weekend... and I tell ya, if Casey Clausen doesn't crisp up, it will be a loss for Tennessee... ARGH!

Well, that's all I have for now... Time to do some work... perhaps more later...

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Woke up WAY late today... whoops! Damn tylenol sinus... knocked me out... I was only @ school today for 3 hrs b/c I had to go up to CN for a study session for the Praxis-- which turned out to be a HUGE waste of my time. Luckily I got to leave early as I have already passed the exam they were focusing on... So I got to work in time to see everyone-- which was great. I feel like I haven't been there in years.

Today ended up being a dangerous day -- especially where paper wads were concerned. First, while attempting to hit Scott in the back of the head (with a paper wad HE threw at ME first)-- I ended up catching him right in the eye... WHOOPS! Why did he have to turn around right @ that moment?! Anyway, he shows up @ my desk a few mins later with a bandage SCOTCH taped on... very funny-- he only made it about 3 seconds before he cracked up. Later, while I was @ Nan's desk he threw another paper wad @ us... this time with a note. Nan responded and threw it back. Scott then stands up, and while talking to me, NAILS Nan in the side of the head with the paper wad. Nan squeals, I jump, Scott almost comes over the wall in an attempt to apologize. All in all-- hysterical. Ah.... how I miss that place when I am not there!

Make sure you take a moment to check out Scott's FANCY-PANTS blog... he is making every effort to make his much better than mine... Blog-a-holic...

So that's about it... I might teach a lesson on word families tomorrow... might wait till Friday, we'll see... after school I head to work... Scott's sister and bro-in-law are coming in this weekend-- so that should be much fun! Even if she doesn't like Peyton and he is for Marshall... ;-) I s'pose I'll let it slide.........

OK kids... that's all for now......

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Pictures from Boomsday... Thanks to Scott for letting me "borrow" his link... I am lazy in my old age...

And I am also late for school... mustn't keep the kiddies waiting... more tonight!
Pretty good day today... school was great.... the kids are funny... I read a story to them today... "Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School"... it's very cute and I highly recommend it!

After school I had to go to CN for a seminar... such a waste of time. Seems it is just one more thing they can add on to stress us out and take time away from better activities... highly irritating. Plus it equals 2 hrs driving time for me... so the whole process comes out to ~4 hrs of my days on Tuesdays... UGH!

Scott is having a rough day... I feel horrible for him and wish there was something I could do... but alas... All I can do is listen... (However, if he doesn't leave Peyton alone, I am gonna smack him!) :)

Hope everyone else is having a good day... YAY for tomorrow being Wednesday!!

Monday, September 01, 2003


Labor Day... and sadly, I must labor... much to do around the house... Luckily I have Boomsday to look forward to later this evening... This year will be better though.... as I have the best guy in the whole world to enjoy it with me.... :)

More to follow.....
Been a cleaning fool... litter boxes finally changed... now maybe Khaki won't kick me out of the house... I also went extra crazy and cleaned my bathroom... even mopped!

Cleaning cd of the day: MC Hammer's Greatest Hits (Don't laugh! The Hammer + Mr. Clean = one bad mo'fo!)

Tonight is Boomsday... woohoo! I actually haven't been in several years. But I love me some fireworks... should be fun for Scott-- The Boomsday Virgin... Speaking of Scott... he has totally shown me up with his new photo page... complete with music...

ok, off to clean myself up for another huge crowd scene @ UT campus... woohoo!

Good thoughts to Travis who found out last night he has a kidney stone to pass... SUCK!
Check out Kimberly's new blog!

Boomsday ROCKED! Scott really enjoyed it... and he wore shorts!! ;-) He is posting some pictures we took... I may be lazy and just link to them later.... :)

Quote of the Day: "Are you bitin' my buttons?" (~Scott)

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