Saturday, October 11, 2003

Casey has done it again... nice fumble! Fabulous interceptions! WAHOO! ugh... can't stand him! Couldn't even watch the last quarter of the game...

Found several L&O episodes on, that has cheered me up slightly...

Stupid Casey Clausen!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Last night was fun... Missy and I went to the DIY Relaunch party... lots of people I have never seen in my life were there... they had fajitas, cheesecake, and a bar... quite a combination! :)

Afterwards I went to Scott's... he and I had a great talk... and Moxon chewed on my face and hands a little bit...

I picked Gma up today... back from her trip to VA. She seemed to have a great time.

I am at work but I think I will leave soon... kind of have a headache and I need to go to the bank... Tonight Missy and I are going to the Clinton v. Central game... tomorrow I judge the Central HS Band contest... woohoo-- MONEY! :)

More later, yo!

Days without wearing amoxicillin: 3

Thursday, October 09, 2003



Does anyone out there think I will ever say or do the right thing? ever?!!!

Check out my buddy Randy's new blog: Thoughts from the Ranman

Let me just say, attempting to pay all one's bills when one is out of checks is quite an adventure. WOOHOO!

Days without wearing amoxicillin: 2
everything's gonna be all right
rockabye, rockabye

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Some pictures from Steph's bachlorette party...

So last night I fell asleep on the couch around 11:30pm.... I woke up periodically, but never mustered enough energy to move myself to the bed... The lights were all on, thus I did not sleep well-- I like it pitch black! The couch I have is not really what I would call comfortable for sleeping... so today my back and neck hurt... Finally @ 8am, Cleo played the ever popular game of "Does my nose fit in your nose"-- which made me sit bolt upright and finally move to the bed. I failed to set an alarm. Thus I woke up @ 11:30 when Scott called for the 4th time. Oy.

Khaki began her medicine today. As it is bright pink, everyone would know in a second if I had not succeeded in getting it down her throat. Today was a good day.

Now I am @ work, enjoying some Baked Lays with Chick-fil-a Polynesian sauce (Thanks Steph!) and a Coke for lunch. MMMmmmmmm, healthy I know. Never fear, Cozymel's tonight. I forsee some flautas.

Nan also loaned me A MIGHTY WIND which I plan to watch this evening. I love Christopher Guest! And while nothing is as genius as WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, I have no doubt that I will be entertained by this movie.

Remind me to call Thom & Jess to see which low-life celebrity they voted for yesterday. Personally I am sad that Gary Coleman didn't win. Whatchoo Talkin' 'bout California?!

ok, time to make the donuts...

Days without wearing amoxicillin: 1

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I am worried today... Khaki has been throwing up a LOT lately... I woke up this AM to the sound of Yakki-Khaki again... so it is vet time... please keep poor Khaki-Pants in your thoughts... and me too for that matter...

Watched FROM HELL last night... I wasn't too impressed... it was slower than hell actually... Johnny looked good though :) And is there any worse actress than Heather Graham? I don't think so.

Khaki has a bladder infection... and congestion. She got a shot and has to take amoxicillin for the next 2 weeks... YAY! This should help her stop yakking and peeing everywhere... FABULOUS! She was great @ the vet-- which is saying something for Khaki. She has a reputation there... I walk in and they are like OH NO... KHAKI! :)

now I am gonna get some food and head to work... more later perhaps...
First of all, Khaki says THANK YOU to everyone who has wished her well today... What a special cat to have so many friends! (I didn't say SPECIAL ED-- that's Cleo...)

I am home now... and in an attempt to inspire myself to clean, I bought the HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX on cd... I always listen to the HP books on tape while I clean... well, I have listened to the first 4 about 20 times each... So now I have book 5... I am loving it so far-- I read it when it came out, which was awhile ago now... plus I read it fast (2 days)... so it is nice to listen and remember what all happens... Anyway....

I am off to work on some stuff in the kitchen... after that I hope to vacuum the living room-- I got vacuum cleaner bags today as well! Then I might organize the spare bedroom a bit... we'll see...

Tomorrow is a shower for Steph @ work and the COZYMEL'S! YAY!!

Monday, October 06, 2003

Steph's bachlorette party was MUCH fun... after we all survived the frizzy-haired bitch waitress... :) Steph seemed to like her naughty kitchen items... and I think we had enough alcohol in our room to drown all of Gatlinburg... :)

Last night I watched a great football game with Scott-- his Browns trounced their archrival the Steelers... YAY! And how about that Tim Couch!

I am officially on Fall Break... which is super nice. I hope to get a lot accomplished this week... I am off to make a schedule and list for myself... more later perhaps...

Today's quote:"And everytime I try to talk to you
I get tounge tied turns out
Everything I say to you
Comes out wrong and never comes out right"

Saturday, October 04, 2003

I must begin today's ramblings with once again telling you how wonderful Scott is. ... last night he went to the MHS v. PHS game with me... not such a big deal you think... well, #1 he felt awful... #2 it was cold... #3 I was all over the place, constantly talking to people and running around... He was quite the trooper. And if I had a nickel for everytime someone said "He's hot!" or "Man is he cute!" So let me conclude by saying: SCOTT MEDWETZ IS THE BEST!!!!!!!

MHS did great! I was so proud! They performed like they never have-- probably b/c of where they were. They always get inspired @ the PHS game. PHS guard was not has horrid as they let on to me they were going to be. The end was a disaster, but they have just learned it, so there you have it. Both groups were supportive and complimentary of each other... watching them interact warms my heart.

When we got there, 2 of the PHS guard girls had posters... one said YO and the other said SAUNDRA. They had carried these as they marched around the track... it was so sweet! Oh man I miss those kids!

After the game Scott and I were joined @ Waffle House by Christy Banks... always fun to hang with the Cheese... Everyone send good thoughts her way-- she is uber-stressed right now...

So today I took my comprehensive exam... I wrote 15 pages and answered 3 questions. Hopefully I answered them well enough that I do not have to retake it or correct anything... I will find out in a week. I will also find out my latest PRAXIS results around that time... woohoo!

And with this, I am off to take a nap. Tonight is Steph's bachlorette party, so I need my rest... details on that later!

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I think I have "white lung." Scott came over and helped me paint big white polka dots on the red MHS flags... we inhaled so much spray paint... UGH... but they are done and don't look totally horrible... But there is NO WAY I could have finished them without Scott. And bless his heart, he didn't feel good in the first place! I am SO happy to have them done! It is a huge weight lifted off of me.

Witne and one of her friends came by while we were painting. It was good to see her as always. We are planning a big reunion @ the MHS v. PHS game this Friday.

So today in class we talked about the grain food group... I read a book about rice and we cooked rice. I had chopsticks for everyone in the class. My Japanese student was my assistant and we attempted to teach everyone how to use chopsticks to eat rice. It was so funny. The kids actually did quite well.

OK, it is late, I need a shower and sleep. More tomorrow kids...

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